Get the Facts About the Tourism Cap

Read the letter sent to WeHo's City Council by local hotel workers who OPPOSE the ordinance.

FALSE STatistics

Advocates for the so called "protections" in this law cite statistics from a five year old survey of workers in Chicago -- not West Hollywood.


California has stronger existing laws and our local businesses have a stronger commitment to safety that prevent the very problems cited in that proposed ordinance.

This is a horribly misleading and dishonest attempt to jam a law that is not about making workers safer. 

Problems already solved by State Law

This ordinance seeks "rehire rights" that Governor Newsom already signed into state law this year. 

This is another dishonest attempt to hide behind "worker protections" when the problem has already been solved. 

You can read from the LA Times here how California hospitality workers are protected for rehire through 2024. 

A Special Interest agenda

Proposed ordinance will eliminate the $2.1 million of overtime for housekeepers. Currently housekeepers have the opportunity to earn more with overtime and this ordinance will effectively eliminate the opportunity. 

This proposal hides behind false claims of worker safety to push a special interest agenda. 

Unionized hotels are EXEMPT from this proposal. If the law was about safety, wouldn't unions want to protect their own workers?

Support WeHo Residents, Businesses & Workers

…Not Special Interests