News About the Tourism Cap

Read the growing coverage of the proposed Hotel Ordinance in West Hollywood, which would impose a Tourism Cap on local businesses and hurt local social services. 

A West Hollywood Hotel Housekeeping Manager writes: "I don’t understand why the West Hollywood city council is thinking it is a good thing to pass this hotel ordinance which would make me need to find twice as many of people to clean when I already can’t find people. Their proposal would put very strict rules on the hotels where I could only schedule the team to clean half the number of rooms that they normally clean. If we cannot clean rooms, we cannot sell rooms- it is that simple. I know the city makes money on the hotel taxes- why would they want us to sell less rooms?" READ MORE.

This week, Save Our Services West Hollywood (S.O.S. WeHo) launched their first mailer to West Hollywood residents. The mailer highlights vital services in West Hollywood like public safety, senior services, addiction and recovery, and homeless services. These essential services may be eliminated by a misguided tourism cap being considered by the City Council. The group of concerned West Hollywood residents, workers, and businesses plan to engage in extensive community conversation to halt this ordinance that will harm local businesses, workers, and city services. READ MORE.

The tourism cap under consideration is deceptively dubbed a safety measure for hotel workers, but the ordinance doesn’t add any new protections. Instead, it places an arbitrary cap on work assignments at hotels, reducing capacity and taking away hours from workers when working families need a regular income the most. Instead of helping workers, the ordinance would result in less dollars earned and fewer job opportunities for essential workers that are most dependent on a strong economic boost from the post-pandemic tourism recovery. READ MORE.

Will the City Council approve an incomplete budget without knowledge of effects of hotel ordinance?

"...The most pressing impact of the hotel ordinance is the unintended consequence that it is in fact a tourism cap that will cripple the hotels in their recovery.

It creates a de facto limit on the number of rooms that housekeepers can clean which will force a hotel that could sell 80 rooms to limit their occupancy to 40 rooms as there is a major labor shortage in this job market to find the additional staffing needed..." READ MORE.