Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills Palm Trees,

Special Interests are using FALSE Arguments about worker safety to hurt local businesses and drain support for critical local services.

A new tourism cap being considered by the West Hollywood City Council could reduce tax revenues by up to nearly $10 million with a total impact of over $12 million that the City counts on for critical resident services such as homeless services, public and emergency safety, drug and rehabilitation programs and post-pandemic recovery.

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills Palm Trees,

 Three Reasons Why WeHo MUST REJECT this Ordinance:

Will Hurt 
City Services

  • The proposed tourism cap will result in increased hotel costs for visitors and forced lower capacity. This will result in nearly $10 million less tax revenues for West Hollywood as visitors may choose neighboring restrictions such as Beverly Hills, Hollywood or Downtown LA.

  • Nearly two-thirds of our city’s general fund revenue comes directly (Hotel Tax) or indirectly (Sales Tax) from tourism. This funding goes towards crucially important city services such as:

    • Supporting our seniors

    • Homeless services and programs

    • Investing in economic recovery

    • Rent relief

    • Drug and rehabilitation programs and services


  • This would result in a ripple effect that could make it nearly impossible for West Hollywood’s economy to make a full recovery as the city’s pandemic-related deficits could continue causing reductions to city staffing and services.

Will Not
Improve Safety

WeHo hotels comply with all County public health guidelines and have collectively signed a 5-star pledge supporting visitor and worker safety that includes:

  • Providing safety devices such as panic buttons to all hotel employees.

  • Providing mandatory anti-sexual harassment policies in multiple languages.

  • Providing ongoing training and education for hotel workers on identifying and reporting sexual harassment.

  • Providing safety training such as active shooter protocols, Earthquake preparedness, Fire prevention, medical emergencies as well as industry standards regarding food handling, chemical handling, and injury prevention.

  • Pledging to be first in class in protecting diversity through our existing policies that support all ethnicities as well as our LGBTQ and transgender community, including training and certification.

  • Broadening vital partnerships with wide-ranging national organizations that target sexual violence, assault, and trafficking while promoting Community Health through an active partnership with the City to focus support and fundraising on identified critical social issues such as homelessness.

  • The proposed ordinance will create a demand for nearly double the housekeepers when hotels are still in need of nearly 550 additional full-time employees which will result in reduced services and capacity just as hotels are attempting to recover from the pandemic.

  • Small local businesses that rely on visitor traffic would be harmed by the proposed ordinance as fewer hotel guests equals fewer patrons/clients in their businesses.


  • The proposed ordinance would also set a dangerous precedent of local government regulating work rules for all industries such as restaurants, bars, valet services, janitorial companies and workers in private homes.

Will Hurt 
WeHo Small Businesses


Urge WeHo's City Council To Do The Right Thing…

Support WeHo Residents, Businesses & Workers

…Not Special Interests